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Uranus goes retrograde on Sunday, August 11 , and transformation is inevitable. There is no more pretending. Be honest about your needs or watch relationships and work opportunities crumble.

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On Tuesday, August 13 the sun in Leo conjuncts Venus the planet that governs sex and money , sprinkling glitter everywhere. It's time for your dreams to come true.

There is a full moon in Aquarius on Thursday, August While both Leo and Aquarius appreciate individuality, you like to do your own thing while Aquarius focuses a bit more on community. This time period may cause you to feel a bit like you're under a microscope when you'd rather be basking in the sun. Your great ideas are coming alive, but now you must deal with realities of bosses and lovers chiming in.

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Get your hair done or take extra selfies for attention, and remember that minor annoyances are just part of the process. Practice patience and trust in the universe to let this full moon work its manifestation.


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While the first half of the month was all about wins, the second half requires you to get practical. Mars, which rules fucking and fighting, enters service-oriented Virgo on Saturday, August You may feel restrained both professionally and in the bedroom.

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There's only more Virgo energy coming your way when passionate Venus enters Virgo on Saturday, August Your lovers who were fine with giving you more time with your friends all of a sudden have questions and concerns. To make matters worse, Leo season ends and Virgo season begins on Friday, August Can you accept that opinions other than your own matter? If you want to continue full throttle with your business ventures and intimate relationships, you're going to have to listen to others.

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  4. Sometimes all we need is a perspective shift. If you can view professional feedback as a stepping stone to success, and hearing out your partner or crush's needs as the way to a fulfilling relationship, Virgo energy is favorable. Messenger planet Mercury enters Virgo on Thursday, August While you are content with letting the chips fall where they may, others will want to go through relationships and business negotiations with a fine-tooth comb.

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    There's a new moon in Virgo on Friday, August New moons are all about new beginnings, so if you're able to focus on the bigger picture, abundance awaits. While the first half of the month was all about exciting news, the second half asks you to put in the work. Make sure you keep track of what belongs to you vs. You decide how you get to spend your hard-earned money.

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