Krs astrology saturn transit

During this period, avoid any clashes or arguments. Take care of your health. Saturn Transit might result in aggressive and stressful traveling.

12222 Reports

Control your anger. Your siblings might seek your help during this time. Keep your emotions in check. Work diplomatically. During Saturn Transit , control unnecessary expenses. Focus on savings. This is a favorable time to start a new business.

Jobholders observe chances of a promotion or a job change. Professional growth seems likely. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. Students would see good results and brilliant focus. Spending more time with family would bring you peace.

Introduction: Rahu-Ketu Transit 12222-2020

Saturn Transit for Virgo: Saturn is in your 4th house, Virgo. Chance of residence looks possible now.

Meaning of Saturn transit in Astrology PART A

Career growth would come through sincere efforts and hard work. An unhealthy lifestyle might lead to health issues.

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Avoid making any investments during this period. Saturn Transit indicates a property-related dispute might trouble you. Students would perform well.

Rahu-Ketu Transit: Be Focused, Improve & Conquer

Indulge in religious work for peace of mind. During Saturn Transit , students would get new opportunities of growth. Plans of business expansion would profit you.

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Professional growth is quite likely. Investments would bring profitable returns. Your willpower and determination would considerably improve. Income as well as expenses appears to rise. Long journeys are possible.

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Saturn Transit for Scorpio: Saturn is in your 2nd house, Scorpio. During Saturn Transit , financial success would require more hard work. You may get a chance to work abroad. Investments are highly favored in Avoid useless arguments with family members, as it might spoil relations. Speak softly and thoughtfully.

Saturn Transit might lead you to stay away from your family. Small investments seem profitable during this period. Control your words and speak wisely. Relation with your spouse might suffer.

Saturn Transit 2020, 2021 and 2022 – Capricorn on 24th January 2020

Increasing work pressure might stress you out. Plan a break and travel to find peace. Eat healthy. Your siblings may grow professionally. Saturn Transit for Capricorn: Saturn is transiting your 12th house, Capricorn. Students may go abroad for further studies. Control your expenses during this period.

During Saturn Transit , career growth is quite likely. A promotion is on the cards.

Losses due to involvement in immoral practices are quite possible. Read Post a comment. Characters Remaining: Continue without login.

Mars Transit 12222

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