Scorpio horoscope symbol meaning

Scorpio people know their strength as well as their innate capacity for provocation, and they never need to resort to a gaudy look in order to assert themselves.

Nature of Scorpio

By nature, they are quite secretive and prefer a serious, even sober, look which contrasts all the more strongly with their essence which is sheer concealed power. Their favourite colours are red and black.

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If your sign is Scorpio, and often of those who have the Ascendant in Scorpio, your health is very strong. However, owing to your tormented nature your propensity to take risks, you are prone to numerous more or less severe accidents. Besides, Scorpio is in analogy with the 8th House which represents surgical operations. Therefore, there is a possibility that you undergo some small "repairs". You are particularly resistant, actually, the most resistant sign of the Zodiac with Capricorn, and you always recover remarkably well.

The ability to come to life again after a painful fall or an ordeal is one of your best innate qualities. It goes without saying that your life is not a long quiet river Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, the sex, the prostate gland, the anus, and the intestines.

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  7. Potential dangers stem from excesses or carelessness related with sexuality. You ought to ensure that you take the most drastic precautions in order to avoid the worst. Psychosomatic disorders affecting the intestines may constitute another weak point which is all the more active because you refrain from expressing your emotions throughout your life.

    You may suffer from constipation or other digestive problems. If your sign is Scorpio, sport is often your favourite hobby. Your constitution is stronger than average, and you are a sheer fundamental force. This is all the more amazing since you are not particularly demonstrative and your musculature is not as visible and that of Leo and Aries people.

    You are resilient, tenacious, concentrated, and mighty, and you can excel in numerous violent sports requiring strength. Karate, boxing, wrestling, marathon, athletics, diving, archery and shooting, weightlifting, and any sports competition, are suitable for you. You are as perspicacious as you are drawn to physical exercise, and your mind is as sharp and focused as your body is resistant and strong.

    Therefore, intellectual hobbies are meant for you. Mathematical or police riddle, mental game, conundrum, card game, poker, etc. You are as proud as Leo people, and like them, you hate losing. The difference is that you don't express your feelings because you believe that it would be a token of weakness. Besides, it is impossible to be more secretive than you! What people born with the Sun in Scorpio should bear in mind is that passion is often there and at the origin of their behaviour.

    More than any other sign, including Taurus and Leo, two Fixed signs, Scorpios rush headlong into the conquest of the person they have set their heart on, with infinite tenacity and patience, until they reach their aims.

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    Loyal, deep, demonstrative in this area of life, but at times very possessive, Scorpios devote themselves wholeheartedly to their partner, who can rest assured that they will be protected, pampered and love, even if it means a bit too overwhelmed, depending on their respective personality. This is precisely where the challenge for Scorpios lies.

    Indeed, they must find a person compatible with their excessive, often idealistic and burning love like molten lava, the liquid attribute of the sign , which may bring about fusion, lifelong love, or disillusion if both partners are not on the same wavelength.

    Scorpio Personality Traits (Scorpio Traits and Characteristics)

    Those who do not live up to Scorpio's expectations should watch out. People with the Sun in Scorpio are faithful and loving. They want their partners to openly express their feelings or at least to provide tangible signs that the sign's ardour, attachment, including perhaps jealousy, are welcomed, since in some cases these features are among Scorpios' little flaws, should the context lend itself to such emotions. This may incidentally look like the last straw, since Scorpios are secretive and sneaky, a paradox which adds to the original charm of this complex sign, if one decides to look on the bright side.

    Since Scorpios are complex and passionate, they generally experience an unusual professional life, often unclassifiable, full of changes and upheavals corresponding to their well-known intransigence. If you are Scorpio, your destiny is not simple, to say the least, and very often marked with reversals of fortune. You transform other people and yourself alike.

    You are patient and clear-sighted, and you are on the lookout for the right time to unleash all your powers and your enormous might with a view to reaching the goal you set for yourself, and which you have every chance to achieve. You are not only persevering and resilient, but the worst tragedies and crises have a stimulating effect on you. Nothing can stop you as far as domination and business are concerned. Your urge to wield power continuously fuels your energy.

    Your sign is in analogy with the 8th House, which symbolises money matters, especially investments, inheritances, and other people's money in general. It also rules sexuality, crises, transformation, rebirth, as well as occult and secret topics.

    Since your energy, your power of action, and your creativity are intense, you can be successful in the following areas:. Any occupation in the police and the military, miner, volcanologist, engineer, atomic scientist, scientific researcher, computer designer, surgeon, gynaecologist, sexologist, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, dowser, astrologer, occultist, medium, clairvoyant, mystic, corporate manager, banker, financial counsellor specialised in stock exchanges or investments, funeral director, as well as politician leader.

    The foods in analogy with Scorpio are the same strong tasting food as for Aries: red meat, garlic, onions, leeks, spices. Power-hungry Scorpios must remember that, if controlled by their egos, they are at risk of poisoning themselves. This sign is at its best when its intrinsic intensity is applied to deep, soulful connections with friends and lovers.

    Zodiac Signs

    Allow astrologer Aliza Faragher to explain which signs yours is most compatible with:. Scorpio October 23 - November 21 Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. By Kaleigh Fasanella.

    Scorpio Love and Sex

    By Leah Prinzivalli. Read More. By Aliza Kelly Faragher. On the other hand, the Chinese Zodiac signs are represented by twelve animals. Presently, both Zodiacs are used with the Greek Zodiac representing certain days of the year whereas the Chinese Zodiac representing a year on a year cycle. Close Menu.