Capricorn february 9 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore

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You Totally Rock! Irish Gypsy Psychic Tarot Reader. We now enter the final chapters of the cardinal crisis. Four of the five outer planets have transited the solstice and equinoctial points this past summer. It is now time for the lunar nodes to cross these same points. We now begin a period where the World Axis will be forced open, ejecting its inner contents and forcing all the world to become aware of the loss. This is because an eclipse is essentially a rip in the fabric of time.

Virgo january 15 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore

To appreciate the power of an eclipse, it is useful to understand that time on earth is fractal. It is measured by the constant repetition of the primal alternations of darkness and light. There is darkness where there should be light. It is as if the laws of our universe are temporarily inverted. The world is stood on its head, specifically in terms of the archetype within which the eclipse is operating.

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Astronomically, an eclipse occurs when there is a lunation near the lunar nodes — the place where the Moon crosses the path of the Sun i. Astrologically, the lunar nodes have been called the head and tail of the dragon, for in myth it was seen as a demonic serpent swallowing the heavenly orb.

The North Node represents the head of the dragon, and therefore something being taken in or ingested, as opposed to something being released or excreted at the South Node or tail of the dragon. In a TMA blog about the South Node solar eclipse earlier this year, this astrologer wrote that South Node eclipses have often brought an end to things and have marked the final stages of major hostilities.

It is the nature of a South Node eclipse to thus facilitate the end of something. Generally, the Moon is said to govern domestic matters, the people and emotions, so a lunar eclipse tends to have a more personal effect than the solar eclipse, which has a distinctive socio-political effect. Also, since the lunar eclipse is by nature an opposition, it has the tendency to work itself out via the relationships with other people in our lives. However, with the nodes now transiting the World Axis, it is possible that this eclipse could have equally powerful personal and socio-political effects.

This total lunar eclipse is intense, to say the least. This brings the relationship theme into sharper focus.